SLO's Swift  Pick For Heating & Air
SLO's Swift  Pick For Heating & Air
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When Swift  technicians arrive at your home or office they will take the time to explain the options available prior to starting any installation or repairs. We want our customer to make informed decisions before we start any work. We install, service and repair most brands — you can trust we will perform a Swift  and complete job.

AC Repair & Replacement

Sticky Sweltering Heat

The California's Central Coast heat can be miserable. Luckily, it's no match for our Cooling solutions! Our complete lineup of air conditioning services and our associates expertise, ensure that you can count on Swift  to keep your home or office chilled!

Cooling Services:

  • Mini Split Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation
  • AC Tune-Up
  • Heat-Pumps
  • Whole House Fans

Heating Repair & Replacement

It's Cold Mamma

When you need Swift  Heating services.Our technicians have the knowledge, skills, and the right tools to fix the majority or your home or office heating problems on the spot! — not days or weeks later.

Heating Services:

  • Mini Split Heating
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Replacement & Installation
  • Furnace Tune-Up
  • Heat-Pumps
  • Commerical HVAC Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Not Fake News

Have you heard?.. the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports the average American spends 90% of their time indoors -- where the air pollution levels are typically elevated 2-5x times, and in instances can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air (cough cough)!

Allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses can all be hiding in the air in your home or office. Luckily we provide powerful indoor air quality services needed to keep your air fresh, clean and pollutant-free.

Swift  Solutions

We utilize : Air Cleaners/Purifiers, Humidifiers, Ventilators, and Ultra Violet (UV) Lights work to eliminate harmful airborne contaminants and pollutants from your home or office.

Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can:

  • Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Decrease eye irritation and respiratory issues
  • Improve Heating & Air Flow
  • Lengthen HVAC systems lifespan

Ductless Air Conditioning

Go Ductless & Save

Traditional central air conditioning is not always the best option for every home. If you have an older home, whole-home air conditioning may not be possible due to space constraints for ductwork. Fortunately, there's a popular, flexible solution: ductless heating and cooling units, known as ductless mini split air conditioners.These units are very effecient with operating costs almost half of what a conventional system costs to run.

What Are Ductless Mini Splits?

Mini splits don't need full sized air ducts to work. A typical central A/C system generates cold air at a single point and distributes it via large ducts. A ductless mini split system, instead uses an air conditioner for each room.

Installing mini split units allows a better control of the temperature in each room in your home. Rooms that aren't used regularly can be turned off to save energy. Rooms that are warmer can have the temperature adjusted to be more comfortable. Having the control that ductless mini splits allow lowers energy costs compared with a whole-home air conditioning system. Also available are dual-zone mini splits as well as tri-zone mini splits.

These units are quieter, more energy efficient and more adaptable than traditional systems.

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